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Pets Safety Waterproof Dog Car Mats Hammock Protector Rear Back pet Dog Car Seat Cover

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Sometimes dogs, cats, and other pets do get anxious when they’re on the car during long road trips. In order to calm themselves down, they usually try to scratch or claw any surface that they find – which could be the seats of your car!

With this intuitive and innovating cat seat cover that specifically helps save your seat from unwanted scratches from your dogs and cats, you’ll definitely make your pets feel comfortable in the car as well as saving you money from replacing those car seats. It’s a win-win situation!

Not just that, but since this is also made of nylon, this also helps with any sort of liquid that could be spilled on the car seat since it won’t really absorb liquids as well as being resistant to tearing!

  • Brand Name:TOPINCN
  • Type:Dogs
  • Material:Nylon
  • Item Type:"Car Travel Accessories "