Disposable Colorful Silicone Mascara Wands

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Are you fond of sharing makeup with friends? Do you do makeup professionally and use the same products for different people? Get hygienic about it and use these disposable mascara wands!

It’s a known fact that germs and bacteria reside in applicators. It’s even worse if multiple people use the same products - you don’t know what their eyelashes might bring! Save yourself from eye infection and get a pack of these colorful mascara wands. They come in different wand tips - the regular straight ones, the curved, and even the ball tip to suit the kind of mascara you’re using. With 50 wands in one pack, you are definitely getting the bang for your buck.

Stay safe and clean! Add these disposable mascara wands to your makeup kit today!

  • Materials: silicone
  • Sizing: 10.6cm (length)
  • Package includes: 50pcs. wands