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Ultra-light Waterproof Goose Down Solo Sleeping Bag

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When you’re camping, you’re vulnerable to the temperature changes of the great outdoors. Especially in the colder months, it’s very important to have a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and is also easy to carry on a hike.

No need to look far because this goose down sleeping bag fits the bill to a tee! The covering is made with high-grade durable nylon while the goose down stuffing is very soft and comfortable.

You can unzip the bag to turn it into a blanket. When rolled, this entire thing is only the size of a standard water bottle! It adds very little weight to your backpack as well, so get this sleeping bag right now and use it for your next camping trip!

  • Material: 15D 400T Nylon
  • Colors: Khaki, Navy Blue
  • Size: 190cm x 72cm (flat), 12cm x 12cm x 26cm (rolled)